Original Spare Parts

Spare parts must be available at short notice. elumatec keeps a supply of all common wearing and spare parts so that they can be delivered to you quickly when needed.

Original spare parts from elumatec meet the highest demands in terms of quality, fit, longevity, safety and reliability, and we ensure the availability of spare parts and technical alternative solutions for a minimum of ten years – all of which promotes stable, high-level production.

What you get from elumatec:

  • Original spare parts
  • Wearing parts
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Accessories

Moreover, we offer elumatec exchange parts as a cost-effective alternative to new spare parts. All exchange parts meet the highest quality standards. elumatec exchange parts are repaired, and in most cases are fully reconditioned from the ground up, by selected specialist firms.


elumatec Spare parts shop

The spare and wear parts sector is only accessible from registered elumatec customers with access data.

If you are a customer from elumatec, however you do not yet have your personal access data, you can apply for activation at our elumatec subsidiary which is responsible for your country.

Spare parts shop

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